Our Story

Welcome to Landi Lou! We are a sister duo in Calgary, Alberta who make comfortable, unique and stylish headbands for little ones. Since starting we have added bow ties to the shop for those little men in your life, minimalsitic headbands and hair clips.

Miranda (mother of triplets -- 2 boys, Layton & Lochlan and 1 girl, Landis) and myself, Katrina (hairstylist and devoted auntie), were inspired to start our own business after Auntie wanted to buy Landis all the headbands she could find, but found many would not stay in place and were uncomfortable. So we decided to try making our own and came up with designs that were soft, comfortable and stylish.

Another major inspiration for us to start Landi Lou was wanting to help out and donate to the Small + Mighty Project, which provides gift baskets for the families in 5 neonatal intensive care units in Calgary, AB for World Prematurity Day. The triplets were born at 31 weeks and spent a total of 65 days in the NICU, so this cause quickly had a special place in our hearts and we really wanted to create something so that we could contribute to the cause. These last two years we have donated 100 of our signature Landi Lou headbands to this very special project.

Thank you for supporting us in our small business.

- Katrina & Miranda